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Working out is hard — we’re not about to make it harder. That’s why starting with ClassPass is free. We’ll remind you 2 days before your trial ends so you can make changes or cancel if it’s not your thing.

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How ClassPass works

With ClassPass, you get monthly credits to book in-studio and at-home fitness classes, or to book services at top salons and spas.

Find and book a spot anywhere with no visit limits and no extra log-ins or accounts required.

Classes and appointments vary in credit value based on popularity, type of class or service and other special offers.

Customizable memberships with no commitments

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Active month? Add more credits to book even more classes or treatments without changing your monthly plan

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Couldn’t make it to class? No sweat. Roll over up to the total number of credits in your upcoming plan.

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ClassPass never locks you in to contracts or annual commitments. Easily change, freeze or cancel your monthly plan.

Access every class, studio and spa - no restrictions

No blackout partners

Every single plan unlocks access to every fitness and wellness partner in the network

No visit limits

Love a studio? Visit as often as you want without any restrictions

No contracts or commitments

Memberships are month-to-month and we make changing your plan easy

No extra steps

Use one app to book everything, no additional sign ups, log ins or check in steps required

Common questions

Once you sign up, you’ll receive class credits, which you’ll use to book workouts. Simply search studios and gyms near you, select a workout and reserve your spot. Then, show up to your studio or gym and get ready to sweat!

With your free trial, you’ll receive credits to book fitness classes, gym sessions or other experiences. You also get access to on-demand video workouts, audio workouts and more.

Your trial starts the day you sign up, so you don’t have to wait to try a class.

Each ClassPass workout has a dynamic credit value that changes based on factors like location, time, popularity and equipment used. When you sign up, you’ll receive a set number of credits to book the workouts you want to try.

We charge fees for late cancels and missed classes. If you cancel a reservation within 12 hours of the start time (or longer where noted in the booking process), you will be charged $15. If you miss a reservation without cancelling, you will be charged $20. Fees vary based on studio location. Please see our Class Cancellation Policy for further details.

After your trial period ends, your trial will automatically renew into a monthly plan.

You can cancel at any time within your trial period to avoid an auto-renewal. Just go to your ClassPass account settings and click “Cancel or hold my membership.”

You can always add more to keep up your workout routine. Just go to your ClassPass profile and select “Get more credits.”

You won’t lose them! You can roll over up to the number of credits in your upcoming plan. For example, if your next plan includes 19-credits, you can roll over up to 19 credits into your next month. Any additional credits you have will expire at the end of your current month.